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Dyskusje na temat miasta do 26 kwietnia 1945 r.
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Hehe- jesli chodzi o balet , to tak przy okazji ciekawostka o łotewskim balecie (tyle ze w jez. ang.) szkoda :(
http://www.roots-saknes.lv/Ethnicities/ ... efugee.htm

PS- może komuś się przyda ta informacja.

October 1 we were in Stettin and in the afternoon the same day we went back in the direction of Gottenshaven to Altdamm that is situated 10 km from Stettin. In Altdamm we were placed in the camp Gemeinschaftslager “Ploene” in a barrack. The sleeping places were on straw on the floor.

Comments: Danzig now is Gdansk. Stettin – Szczecin. Both now are Polish cities. The name Altdamm is changed to Dabie. Durchgangs lager, as far as I understand, should be a temporary camp. Gemeinschaftslager means a community camp. I think that the main luggage was not handed to the owners in Gdansk. They evidently got them in Szczecin.

The sea-trips were dangerous at that time because the ships with refugees could be sunk. The Soviet troops sometimes are accused of sinking them purposely, but I do not know was it the real tactics or it is a political exaggeration.

Now we are in an another room and now we have beds with straw mattresses (the beds are bunk beds).

On October 17 I began to work in GBf Gueter Abfertigung in Stettin together with Viktors. We are going from Altdamm to the working place by train. The work is organized in two shifts - 1st shift from 6 a.m. till 2.30 p.m., the second shift from 2.30 p.m. till 12 p.m. In reality we began the work on October 20. Our chief is O.K., we usually leave the working place earlier, before the working hours are finished. Together with us the Latvians Liedeskalniņš Jun. and Mrs. Hake are working.

Comments: GBf stands for Guterbahnhof that means Freight railway station and Gueter Abfertigung means the preparation of freight to transportation.
Viktors was a son of Kārlis Eglītis.

On Dec. 21, 1944 6 p.m. the first concert-ballet of Latvian artists took place in Stettin in the Gemeinschaftslager Finowweg (Altdamm str.). The opera and ballet artists were:

1) A.Kaktiņš, an opera singer
2) P.Brīvkalne, an opera singer
3) J.Franks, an opera singer (tenor)
4) V.Zaķis, a cellist
5) J.Vesters, a violinist
6) H.Strauss (piano)
7) E.Leščevskis, a baletm.
8) M.Lence, a ballet dancer
9) T.Kestere, declamation
10) Tonija Kalve

Artistic supervision V.Pūce

There were popular pieces of Latvian music performed. E.Dārziņš, Melancholic waltz; J.Mediņš, Aria; Kalniņš, I wonder, A.Jurjāns, Fatherland and others.
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O balecie w Olejarni -> tu.
Portal jest bez sensu !! (copyright by Busol)

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